Sunday, 19 September 2010

My Workspace

I have been crafting for a few years but it wasn't until my birthday last year that I realised just how much it had taken over my life. I used to do cross stitch and tapestry. It was something I could do whilst sitting watching my favourite TV programmes.

Then I discovered papercrafting.

Once I had a small sewing basket that held all my threads, wools and needles. Then the house started getting taken over by piles of paper and tools. Finally my dh gave in and bought me a craft storage cupboard, but not just any storage cupboard for my birthday.

No, he bought me an Original Scrapbox cupboard. Just the mini version but it was great. Finally, I had somewhere to organise and store stuff and put my printer on.

The Original Scrapbox mini.

Of course,  that didn't last long and I was running out of space and so for Christmas he bought me the matching desk.

A work in progress...

Now I had somewhere to play properly. It was once a neat and tidy workstation, but no more...



Even messier.

Now to go make some cards.

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