Saturday, 9 April 2011

Less is more - challenge 10

The Less is more challenge entry.

Having taken on board the helpful criticisms on challenge 9, I sat down to compose a card for challenge 10. Making a sentiment the focus of a card is not easy. My first attempt was a bit ropey but I think fulfilled the requirements of the challenge. My second attempt was a better card, but was the sentiment the focus of the card or the border edge. A couple more options ended in the recycle bin so I went back to the first attempt and did it again.

This time I decided to use Centura pearlescent card as that would enable me to emboss the ink and make it stand out without the need of a border. I used to sizes of spellbinders dies to create the frame and with lots of masking tape and making sure all white areas of the card were covered up so that my inky fingers didn't leave any unwelcome marks, I added forest green distress inks to the borders using cut and dry foam. The card lets the ink stay wet long enough to add embossing powder (Wow clear holographic). The sentiment from Clarity stamps (one of the first I bought) was embossed with Wow ebony fine embossing powder.

As usual, my camera skills don't seem to be able to show off the embossing to its best effect...

Thought you might also like to see the rejects:

The first attempt...
My favourite???

The rejects...
Inky fingers.


  1. Hello Helene.
    Elegant card, i love your sentence.
    Regards from Palma de Mallorca

  2. I love the inky background you've created for your final card Helene, it was worth all the practice you've put in.
    Beautiful card,
    Love Sarita xx

  3. The one you picked is my fav. too, although I do like the others also. I make lots of cards I don't like too lol :O) Viv xx

  4. My fingers look like that too! even with a baby wipe.
    I actually like the very first one you did - maybe because lavender is my fav colour. great cards.

  5. Lovely cards, even your rejects are wonderful.
    Sylvie x

  6. I love your cards, especially the "" ones!
    Ruth C

  7. Oh gosh you have been busy!
    the final card, the brown frames are heaps better. The crisp lines work much better with our sentiment, I feel
    Thank you Helene
    Less is More

  8. Glad it's not just me who gets inky fingers. Super cards. Lx

  9. Helene, I'm right there with you with inky fingers! My fingers always get that way, and then I manage to touch the card...drives me batty! I applaud your efforts with so many cards. They all look fine to me...but we're usually our own worse critics! I do love the quote on the first card!

  10. So nice of you to share the "rejects" as well as the end result - which is lovely!! The sentiment is fab!

    My hands are blue today - will probably be gold tomorrow ;)

  11. wow look at all those cards, get those last couple out of the bin, they are great!!
    My fav is the share laughter one, but they are all brill, far to good to line the recycling bin!!
    kelly xx

  12. Fab creations!

    Have a super day

    Ali x

  13. My goodness what dedication to our challenge!
    All these cards!
    I like them all Helene, but I think the one that I like best is the lilac one... I love the randomness of that frame... it leads your eye to the sentiment, which is super!
    Co-Chief LIMette!

  14. I like your finished version. It's fab and a super sentiment. x

  15. Brilliant cards, love the purple one

  16. Helene, they're all lovely cards, I can't pick my favourite! I have purple hands at the moment by the way lol!
    Lizy x

  17. I like the contrast of the muted frame and bold sentiment - great job and good that you went for it again...!
    Sarah at 127

  18. Love the stencilled frame and what a great sentiment. fab card :)
    Jenny x